Your knees and lumbar are always at work!

Your knees and back are complicated areas They guarantee flexibility and stability. Not only can they be moved back and forth, it must also withstand rotation. When you walk, your knee carries all your body weight and your back constantly needs to give you a good posture.

Knee and lumbar congestion is a very common injury in the labor market. 836,200 Total occupational injuries in 2019 from U.S. target markets. 75,960 (9,08%) of those were back and knee injuries. Serious injuries may require surgery, while mild congestion fortunately only causes pain and is relieved with rest.

The knee pad cart from Kneel-It stabilizes your knees and lower back and provides support. It prevents overload in the knee and protects it from twisting. It helps the joints against osteoarthritis, protects against excessive stretching and is a good protection against weak knee joints.

So if you want to take good care of yourself, this is absolutely a good reason why you should choose Kneel-It

Why does it hurt you?



Severe knee & back pain, headaches, joint & muscle aches (or osteoarthritis)


Treated with medications, steroids, surgery, or rest.


Decreased Productivity

Inability to easily move about the job site. Unhappy employees.

Frequent breaks and delayed timelines resulting in dissatisfied customers.


Decreased Quality of Life

Still hurts when you get home.

Stops you from enjoying your life.

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24 Days is the average recovery/rest time

If you are still on sick leave, you will transfer to sick pay which may be significantly less than your normal pay.

5 reasons why you should use Kneel-it

  • Increased efficiency and productivity with knee pads on wheels

    With good padding and protection with prolonged comfort, you can work faster and longer without breaks or spend time changing postions.

  • Reduce low back and knee pain - and reduce the risk of arthritis

    Kneel-it is ergonomic knee pad on wheels - But way better than the loose knee pads, since they do not reduce knee and joint pain in the back. Kneel-it’s seat gives you the opportunity to relieve your body at any time.

  • Flexibility of movement

    Flexibility is just as crucial as comfort, as it affects your efficiency at work. Not having to wear built-in kneepads, provides great freedom of movement. Furthermore Kneel-it comes with 13 wheels that lets you slide across the floor with ease.

  • Kneel easily, glide across the floor and up again

    Kneel-it kneepads is in principle a tiling chair, which unlike Kneeblades makes it easy to move safely on many surfaces. it’s easy to kneel into and get out of, thanks to the big kneepads and ergonomic seat.

  • Knee protector on wheels

    In how many industries do you get knee pads with wheels that slide easily across the floor? With Kneel-It you wont have to use pants with knee or gel pads all day.

8 extra tips for your knees and back

  • If possible, do not sit in low seating positions. Remember to support when you get up.

  • Stretch your legs and back. Listen to your body - if your legs ache or feel heavy and tired, take a break.

  • Raise your legs as often as you can. Cycling, swimming or walking are the best ways to prevent congestion.

  • Stay active and move as much as possible when you have low back pain

  • When you have lumbar pain, it is OK to rest during the day, but avoid lying in bed all day

  • Make it a habit to do small exercises that are good for your back.

  • Change what you eat. Your diet is very important if you want healthy, strong knees.

  • Relax if your body says no!

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