What is KNEEL-IT knee pad cart?


What is a rolling knee pad cart?

Our knee pad cart reduces your knee and back pain andincreases your productivity at work or with projects around the house. Including but not limited to:

It reduces decreased productivity, forced early retirement, and deterioration of the overall quality of life. make your DIY projects in your home easier.


Kneel-it is a knee pad car designed to relieve strain and reduce damage to the knees and lower back that occurs due to prolonged kneeling at work.. With the knee pad stroller, you will thus be free of work trousers with knee pads – ie we have made it much easier and more comfortable.

Reduce knee and back injuries

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Carrries easily 167 kg.
Weight is only 6,27 kg

Special technology

Theese rolling knee pads are built with special grip technology to help maintain stationary when at idle work.
Low posture work inflicts extreme stress on the body and increases over time. Kneel-It provides ergonomic support for this low posture work.

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100% tool free


Extremely flexible - and with replaceable wheels

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Knee pads in extra good quality which protects your knees


why you will not subject your knees and lumbar anything else in the future ...

  • Be painless - even in your spare time

    Kneel-it is actually an ergonomic knee pad - on wheels - but just much better than the loose knee pads, which do not reduce knee and joint pain in the back, (as you have the seat to relieve your body with)!

  • Increase your efficiency

    With good padding and protection with continuous comfort, you or your employees can work faster and longer without breaks or spend time moving around on the floor.

  • Extremely flexible

    Flexibility is just as crucial as comfort, as it affects your efficiency in your work. When you actually wear work trousers with built-in knee pads, you have extremely great freedom and flexibility

  • Spinning round and round...

    Kneel-it knee cushion is basically a cart for tilers, which makes it easy to move safely over the floor without having to go up and down all the time.

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Recommendations from others:

Use Kneel-it

and prevent...

Chronic Pain in your body

Severe knee & back pain, headaches, joint & muscle aches. Treated with medications, steroids, surgery, or rest.

Decreased Productivity

Frequent breaks & delayed timelines.
Inability to easily move about the job site. Unhappy employees.

Decreased Quality of Life

Still hurts when you get home. Stops you from enjoying your life.

Put the lower items in place in a few seconds

Make the work e.g. in your supermarket a breeze!


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