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I was concerned and skeptical when I ordered this that it would not be built strong enough for a heavy guy like me. But I must say it is extremely well built. And wow is it well packed, a box inside of a box inside of a box! It only took me a few minutes to put it together and then both my wife and I tried it out. The Knee pads are very comfortable and the seat wasn't to bad, again I am a big guy! It is designed so that you move by taking the weight off the seat and using your legs to bring you around! The wheels seem to be good and strong and it rolls around nicely.



I am a 33 year old stonemason and I've already felt my knees giving me problems related to my work. I was interested to try out this product - and i loved it. It took the weight and pressure OFF my knees, and i was comfortable for long periods of time. I can lean forward without tipping and it’s not annoyingly attached to me.



Out of the box you can tell some serious engineering time and R&D went into this thing, this isn't just a knee pad on wheels there are plenty of those on the market. This is a step forward! Often times while working on a car or other things I'll find myself kneeling down with my knees on hard surfaces and the long term effects are starting to catch up. This allows me to still use my body weight for leverage instead of rolling away from the vehicle while breaking loose a bolt or lug nut, yet still easily maneuverable to move on to the next area I'm working on.



Over my 35 plus years as an installer and now as a Union Rep, I have tested many products pertaining to the flooring installation industry, but Kneel-it by far is the best. There is no other product on the market that offers the kind of support, mobility, and comfort that Kneel-It does.

Our trade requires us to work in positions that cause extreme wear and tear on the body. In the current market we have great knee pads that support our knee pain, but nothing that is low to the ground, supports our entire bodies and gives us the freedom and flexibility that Kneel-it does.

Kneel-It's ergonomic design give us support that no other product in the market does.

Kneel-it felt effortless. It was easy to glide across the floor and it eliminated the need to constantly get up and down. Constantly getting up and down interrupts workflow and significantly increases lower back and knee pain. After using Kneel-It I can fully endorse that the mobility of Kneel-It will increase productivity and decrease pain.

I love how the Kneel-it is low to the ground, folds, does not require straps and that it has the optional seat, adding the tool-free replaceable parts is truly amazing.

I am telling you after working for so many years on the installations side of the flooring trade, and now representing the young folks entering the trade, I know your product Kneel-it is going to change many, many lives. I only wish Kneel-It was available for me in my early years!

Thanks for bringing Kneel-it it down to our Joint Apprentice Training Center, District 36, our students loved it and are excited to make Kneel-It there go to low work posture support devise!

Matt weir

Business representative