Does Kneel-it

fit in your industry?

Can kneel-it be used in all industries?

Kneel-It is a smartly engineered support device designed to relieve strain and decrease injuries that come with prolonged kneeling in your work.

If you are a flooring fitter, tiler, carpenter, bricklayer, car mechanic or something completely different, the Kneel-it cart can be just the thing for you and your colleagues. Here you get ergonomic “knee pads on wheels” which replaces your normal knee pads on work wear – and can be used in almost all industries.
– Yes, you read that right – your knee pads for work wear have now become knee pads on wheels.

Kneel-It is for the quality-conscious craftsman, who cares for his joints for the next many years, thereby avoiding knee and back pain during kneeling work. Here you get the market’s best knee pads on wheels, which have been tested over several years by many industries. It is an evolution driven by user feedback! With version 3.0 you can look forward to even better ergonomics and easier workflows at floor level.

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It can be used in (almost) any industry!

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As a tiler, you work many hours on your knees and often use knee pads with elastic, which can be tight and uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

DIY people

Even in your spare time, you still have to take care of yourself, so whether you are for Mascot, Kansas or Engel knee pads, you only need 1 model at home: Namely Kneel-it!


If you just once have painted skirtings in a house you know how many times you get up and stress your back and knees during one working day.


Are you also looking for the best knee pads as paviour? The knee pad stroller can also be used as outdoor knee pads - atleast for solid surfaces

Flooring fitters

As a floor fitter, we give you an Orthopedic knee pad, which is almost as soft as knee pads with gel. Avoid getting up to pick up new boards for your work.


Kneel-it knee is perfect for masonry work at floor level, such as sanding floors, tile work in shower niches or floors - Kneel-It gets the job done!
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Take care of your back if you have to mount components at low altitude all day long. Get rid of knee pads for your pants with our rolling knee carts with soft seat.

Blacksmiths and mechanical engineers

Kneeling down to weld pipes or mount parts in machines without rubber knee pads is really painful. Kneel-It provides ergonomic support for low-level work.

Auto industry

Loose knee pads for work in the automotive industry often bother more than it helps. Kneel-It can be used when there is a need for knee pads on wheels.

Floor sanding specialist

If you use Kneel-it knee pads on wheels, you can quickly move around the entire area without having to get up once..


In the carpentry profession, it is inevitable to have to work in low positions. Your work wear where you insert seperate knee pads are now replaced by knee pads on wheels.


Of course, you need to have the best knee pads on the market when you e.g. have to do pipe-repair in relentlessly low positions.

Out of the box you can tell some serious engineering time and R&D went into this thing, this isn't just a knee pad on wheels there are plenty of those on the market. This is a step forward! Often times while working on a car or other things I'll find myself kneeling down with my knees on hard surfaces and the long term effects are starting to catch up. This allows me to still use my body weight for leverage instead of rolling away from the vehicle while breaking loose a bolt or lug nut, yet still easily maneuverable to move on to the next area I'm working on.



I am a 33 year old stonemason and I've already felt my knees giving me problems related to my work. I was interested to try out this product - and i loved it. It took the weight and pressure OFF my knees, and i was comfortable for long periods of time. I can lean forward without tipping and it’s not annoyingly attached to me.




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Your knees and lumbar are always at work!

- and often on overtime

Knee and lumbar congestion is a very common injury in the labor market. 836,200 Total occupational injuries in 2019 from U.S. target markets. 75,960 (9,08%) of those were back and knee injuries. No matter which of the above industries you work in, you will always have a risk of these injuries. Serious injuries may require surgery, while mild congestion fortunately only causes pain and is relieved with rest.

Your knees and back are complicated areas

There are many industries where it is unavoidable not to have to work in poor and uncomfortable working positions, such as floor fitters, carpenters and car mechanics when working in low positions.

Kneel-It relieves strain and decrease injuries that come with prolonged kneeling. It prevents overload in the knee and protects it from twisting. It helps the joints against osteoarthritis, protects against excessive stretching and is a good protection against weak knee joints.

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5 reasons why you cannot work without Kneel-it

  • Increased efficiency and productivity with knee pads on wheels

    With good padding and protection with prolonged comfort, you can work faster and longer without breaks or spend time changing postions.

  • Reduce low back and knee pain - and reduce the risk of arthritis

    Kneel-it is ergonomic knee pad on wheels - But way better than the loose knee pads, since they do not reduce knee and joint pain in the back. Kneel-it’s seat gives you the opportunity to relieve your body at any time.

  • Flexibility of movement

    Flexibility is just as crucial as comfort, as it affects your efficiency at work. Not having to wear built-in kneepads, provides great freedom of movement. Furthermore Kneel-it comes with 13 wheels that lets you slide across the floor with ease.

  • Kneel easily, glide across the floor and up again

    Kneel-it kneepads is in principle a tiling chair, which unlike Kneeblades makes it easy to move safely on many surfaces. it’s easy to kneel into and get out of, thanks to the big kneepads and ergonomic seat

  • Knee protectors with wheels

    In how many industries do you get knee pads with wheels that slide easily across the floor? With Kneel-It you wont have to use pants with knee or gel pads all day.