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For all your kneeling needs!

New innovative solution for kneeling work

Prevent knee- and lumbar injuries!

With the Kneel-It rolling knee pads from Innos Europe, you reduce your knee and back pain and increase your productivity at work or through your DIY projects at home.

Kneel-It is a engineer developed knee cart (knee pads on wheels), designed to relieve strain and reduce injuries to your knees and lower back following prolonged kneeling and low-level work.

Theese rolling knee pads are built with special grip technology to help maintain stationary when at idle work.

In addition, you get an padded ergonomic spring-loaded seat to provide relief for your back – and durable, padded knee supports to ensure comfort while performing strenuous tasks.

Why choose Kneel-it

Reduces knee and lumbar injuries

Kneel-it is ergonomic knee pad on wheels - But way better than the loose knee pads, since they do not reduce knee and joint pain in the back. Kneel-it’s seat gives you the opportunity to relieve your body at any time.

Flexibility of movement

Flexibility is just as crucial as comfort, as it affects your efficiency at work. Not having to wear built-in kneepads, provides great freedom of movement. Furthermore Kneel-it comes with 13 wheels that lets you slide across the floor with ease.


Built-in flexible knee pads

With good padding and protection with prolonged comfort, you can work faster and longer without breaks or spend time changing postions.

without tools

Kneel-It is easy to bring on the road since it assembles and disassembles without use of any tools. Kneel-It is fully functioning after a few simple steps and is just as easy to store away in the van or at the warehouse.

Weight 6,27 kg
Carries 167 kg

Kneel it is not only light with its only 6.27 kg (13,82 lbs), but despite its size and using the latest technology, it is approved to carry people weighing 167 kg (360 lbs)

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Kneel-it is useful in almost all industries

fliselægger kneel it


You spend a lot of time in inappropriate kneeling positions as a tiler. Attached knee pads with elastic is often used, which can be tight and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.



If you use our rolling knee pads, you can quickly move around the entire area without having to get up once.

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auto industry

Loose knee pads for work in the automotive industry often bother more than it helps. With Kneel-It it's easy to bring for the jobs that requier knee pads and in addition it adds support for your lower back and knees.


Kneeling work

can cause:


Severe knee and back pain, headache, joint and muscle pain. Treated with medicine, surgery or rest.

Decreased Productivity

Frequent breaks & delayed timelines.
Inability to easily move around your workplace.
Unhappy employees.

Decreased Quality of Life

It still hurts when you get home.
This stops you from enjoying your leisure time.

Reported work-related injuries in Denmark in 2020
Overload damage to i.a. lumbar and knee
percent of the injuries in the construction industry were sprains
DKK paid in 2020 in compensation for all accident cases

The Danish Working Environment Authority recommends that companies deliver

suitable and ergonomic tools and aids

Companies can proactively search for effective solutions to protect employees from work-related injuries. But the current solutions do not solve the problem properly ...

That is why we have developed Kneel-it, which can be the suitable and ergonomic aid you have been looking for for a long time!

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