Who are we?

Story of Innos

Innos develops and sells help aids, tools and chemical products for maintenance and repairs for large and small companies in Denmark, Scandinavia & rest of Europe.

Innovative Solutions

Innos is a contraction of “Innovative Solutions”
Our foundation is based on three elements:

  1. We develop innovative products
  2. Provides you with qualified guidance about them
  3. Deliver directly from the manufacturer.



Through our innovative quality products, personal guidance and our time-saving concept, we create innovative quality solutions that create value and financial gain for our customers.

hvad er kneel it

Innos is a contraction of "Innovative Solutions" and based in Denmark

We will continuously develop our business, make an effort and improve, so that we can reach even more customers and continue to be the professional partner in tools, chemistry and help aids that customers look forward to get a visit from.

Innovation and new thinking

Innovation and new thinking is the cornerstone of everything we do at Innos Tools. We want to be first with the latest products and solve our customers’ problems in new, creative ways.

Present and informative

We want to be a present business partner and through our concept ensure that all our customers receive the right, professional guidance.

High quality and extraordinary service

Our products must be of high quality. This combined with a high level of service both before and after the sale. We want to be a partner that customers can trust.

Turns ideas into reality

We use our customers’ input, in collaboration with the manufacturer, to develop innovative tool and chemical products that solve exactly the tasks you face every day.