InnosEurope Terms and Conditions



1.1 These terms of sale and delivery apply to offers, sales and delivery of any product or service (“the product”) from InnosEurope ApS to any consumer (“the customer”), unless they are expressly deviated from or modified by other written agreement.

1.2 The customer’s any deviations from purchasing conditions or additions, changes or tightenings to these conditions only apply to the extent that InnosEurope ApS has given its express, written approval thereof.


2.1 All written offers from InnosEurope ApS are valid for 7 days from the date of submission of the offer, unless otherwise stated in writing or expressly agreed with InnosEurope ApS.

2.2 If InnosEurope ApS ‘order confirmation does not correspond to the customer’s purchase offer, InnosEurope ApS must be made aware of this without unnessasary delay.

2.3 InnosEurope ApS does not assume responsibility for typing errors or other errors that could occur in the price list, offers, delivery notes, invoices or other material sent out in connection with the commitment of agreements.

2.4 Orders that have been completed are binding and can in principle not be canceled by the customer without prior agreement with InnosEurope ApS.

Prices, payment and ownership

3.1 Unless otherwise stated, the stated prices are net daily prices in DDK or EUR excl. VAT and shipping fee.

3.2 The customer’s payment is made in accordance with an invoice from InnosEurope ApS.

3.3 Payment for delivered goods is due 8 days after the invoice date. In the event of late payment, the buyer is obliged, without further notice or demand from InnosEurope ApS, to pay interest on receivables at 2% per. commenced month from the time of delivery.

3.4 If the buyer at the time of entering into the immediate purchase agreement still owes for the overdue unpaid debt to InnosEurope ApS, we reserve the right to send the delivery in accordance with this agreement to the buyer per. cash on delivery.

3.5 Shipping costs are not included in the price of the individual products, but are charged separately.

3.6 InnosEurope ApS reserves ownership of the products until payment is registered.


4.1 The prices quoted include costs for packaging, etc., which under normal transport conditions are required to prevent damage to the goods.
If the customer requests a different and / or additional packaging of the goods, the customer must state this by the conclusion of the agreement. Packaging, in addition to normal consumption, will be charged. Packaging must not be returned and will not be refunded.

4.2 Important for chemical products: Under no circumstances should the product label be removed, deleted or covered.

4.3 Special features such as logos, special features, markings, product descriptions and the like may not be removed, altered or otherwise modified.

Delivery and transfer of risk

5.1 InnosEurope ApS reserves the right to make partial deliveries.

5.2 All stated times of delivery are approximate and InnosEurope cannot, for any reason, be held liable for any loss or damage that the customer may suffer as a result of delayed or non-delivery.

5.3 The risk of damage or loss of the products is transferred to the customer upon delivery.

5.4 Upon delivery, the customer must without undue delay make a thorough examination of the delivery. If the customer wants to claim that the delivered product (s) has visible damage, the customer must immediately notify InnosEurope ApS.
If the customer wants to claim that the product has an invisible damage, or that InnosEurope has not delivered the agreed product or correct number, the customer must notify InnosEurope ApS within 5 working days of delivery.

Returns and complaints

6.1 Products can only be returned by prior agreement with InnosEurope ApS. Costs related to return of products is held by the customer. The products are returned in undamaged condition and in original packaging.

6.2 Damaged goods may under no circumstances be returned to InnosEurope ApS without prior agreement.
If InnosEurope ApS receives damaged goods, an amount will be deducted according to the condition of the goods.

6.3 Special order goods that are not included in InnosEurope ApS ‘normal product portfolio are not returnable for credit. No claims can be made against InnosEurope ApS due to defects, damage or loss, unless notified immediately.

6.4 Clothing with embroidery or other personal touch cannot be returned.

6.5 Remediation of defects in the products will, at InnosEurope ApS ‘choice, be done either by rectifying the defect or re-delivery.

6.6 InnosEurope ApS reserves the right to take home damaged products in complaint cases. If the customer discards a damaged product without InnosEurope ApS ‘acceptance, the customer waives the right to make a complaint.

6.7 InnosEurope ApS offers a 1-year warranty. The exceptions are: Chemistry and special ordered goods / procured goods.
If, in connection with a complaint case, the customer receives a replacement product, no right of complaint is granted for the replacement product.

6.8 We are solely liable for original errors and omissions. If the customer discovers an original fault or defect, the customer must immediately complain to us with a description of the defect in question.

Force Majure

7.1 If InnosEurope ApS is prevented from fulfilling all obligations due to war, mobilization, unrest, terrorist acts, fire, supply difficulties, labor disputes or conditions that otherwise fall under force majeure, Innos Tools ApS cannot be financially responsibility for this.


8.1 InnosEurope ApS is only liable for personal injury if it is proven that the injury is due to errors or negligence committed by InnosEurope ApS. Apart from gross negligence, InnosEurope ApS is not responsible for damage to buildings or movables that occurs while the delivery is in the buyer’s possession.

8.2 On the same terms, InnosEurope ApS is also not liable for damage to and from products manufactured by the buyer, or to and from products in which these are used. Innos Tools ApS is not liable for operating losses, lost profits or other indirect losses.